About Me

Welcome to my Hood! I’m a retired Kindergarten teacher that recently hung up her teaching hat to pursue her dream of becoming a nurse! That’s right y’all, I got into nursing school!

I’m so excited about my new adventure but that also means I’m leaving all of my comforts behind…like an income, health insurance, and my security of knowing what my day will look like.

Not only am I starting a new career but I’m beginning a journey into homesteading, utilizing my love for chickens, gardening, and everything DIY to live a little bit more of a simple life on a budget.

Although I don’t proclaim to be an expert at anything, I may sometimes sound like I know what I’m talking about. I love baking, crafting, good reads, good eats, meeting new people, and trying new things (#averagejoe). I also like to laugh a lot.

Join me with my experiences in different recipes, crafting, reading, local eats and activities, and probably chickens (a lot about chickens).

Fun Facts:

I reside in a little Texas town outside of Austin.

I’m a Pinterest Addict

I have a wonderful boyfriend (#putaringonit), named Alex,

and I’m overly attached to my family and friends.

Interests: living life as comfortable as possible- aka stretchy pants.

learning different life hacks

I’m embarrassingly addicted to reality T.V.

Always on the healthy bandwagon until I run over chocolate, then I fling myself over the side to eat it.

Follow me on Instagram @lyfe_in_the_hood and on Pinterest: Life in the Hood for updates, my style, and recipes!



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