5 Reasons You Should Start Making Your Own Butter

Butter ingredients

Have you ever wanted to tap into the old fashioned roots of our ancestors and churn your own butter? Me neither. Churn? Sounds too hard! I have wanted to make my own butter…but leave out the churning. Turns out electricity has really made butter making super simple. Thank you Benjamin Franklin for that minor discovery. I’m going to show how easy it is to make your own butter with just a mixer! Not only is it super simple, but it can also be cheaper than buying butter! 

Hood what in tarnation are you doing making your own butter?

This summer I have been honing in on my homesteading skills. I’m perfectly capable of making my own bread (I guess), and I like my bread to have butter on it so why not make that too? I think part of living a healthy healthy-ish lifestyle is knowing what the heck goes into your food.

Honestly, I also really enjoy doing cool things like buttah making too. Upon my search for buttery goodness, I came across this really awesome blogger who teaches you to make your own butter. I compared her recipe with the one I got in my Butter starter kit and they were similar.

But there is one other thing that got me hooked…

2 words:1 amazing feeling 


I’m going to try really hard to “butter you up” and if you aren’t convinced that making your own butter is the best idea EVER after this post then you are way lazier than I am…which is actually quite impressive.

5 reasons you should have started making your own butter like yesterday:

Reason 1: It’s basically the easiest thing ever. 

Supplies needed: (If you don’t have a standing mixer, you can actually use a water bottle and shake it but I’m too lazy for that- you can throw that in the same category as “churning” as far as I’m concerned) 

  • Mixer
  • Splash guard attachment- You will need this or you’re gonna feel like you went to Sea World and sat in the Splash zone at the Shamu show.

Optional supplies:

  • Cheese cloth- I used this to help drain my buttermilk and keeps chunks out of it. No milk is supposed to be chunky.


  • Heavy Cream of choice (also the same as Heavy Whipping Cream)
  • Optional: salt, other ingredients (honey, cinnamon, garlic, olive oil, rosemary- whatever kind of butter you want to make)


Step 1: Buy Heavy Whipping Cream. This is where you decide whether you want organic or not.

Step 2: Let it get to room temperature. This took about half a second in this sauna of a house I’m in.

Step 3: Pour Whipping Cream into Mixture

Step 4: Turn on mixer to somewhat high speed (Splash guard up!). If you aren’t sure what a splash guard looks like you can scroll down and I have it listed under my butter starter recommendations.

Step 5: Drain buttermilk (I explain more below) and rinse butter with cold water until there is no milk on it and the water runs clean.

You will start noticing after the “Whipped cream” phase of your butter making, that there is a liquid that begins to separate from the butter. THAT is buttermilk. I got about 1/2 cup of buttermilk from my batch of butter. You can use it for wherever you use buttermilk in your recipes.

Sidenote: Butter is like the softest/ silkiest thing I have ever felt. I kind of wanted to just play in it but got control and rinsed like a big girl.

Step 6: (Optional)– add 1/4 tsp per pound of butter. Fold in whatever ingredients you need to make the butter of your dreams

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I don’t have a specific yield amount yet… but it made a lot of butter. There are butter silicon dishes that you can use to freeze butter and they are equivalent to a 1/2 cup of butter.  I will be buying one of those. Scroll down to the bottom to see what it looks like.

Reason 2: Did I mention it’s Budget Friendly?

The type of Whipping Cream is where cost is going to vary. If you want just normal (non-organic) butter- then get the regular heavy cream.

Break it down now Hood (sung)

I paid $3.38 for 32oz of regular heavy whipping cream. We prefer Land O’ Lakes butter in our household and it costs about $4.00 per pound. Not anymore! Alex better like this homemade buttah from now on!

1 lb is 16 oz

I paid $3.38 for 2 pounds of butter (or a little under- since I have buttermilk as a side product

If you wanna go organic: 

Organic whipping cream costs about $3.18 for 16 oz at our local grocery store. Organic butter costs almost $4.50 per pound at the grocery store.

Remember 1lb = 16 oz?

You’re still paying less for homemade butter even organic grass fed.

The only difference is you have to work a little harder for it….yes flipping a switch on a mixer is hard work for me. (flips hair)

Reason 3: Sometimes you need salted and unsalted? WHAT?! 

How annoying is it when you need salted AND unsalted butter for a recipe? You end up buying two different types of butter for one stinking recipe and nobody eats unsalted butter on their bread right? (umm eww if that’s you. You can’t sit with us!)

Who wants to go spend 5 million dollars (ok that’s a bit dramatic) on butter?

Not this Hood chick. I’m on a budget homie. I. AIN’T. DOIN. IT.

Well guess what folks? When you make your own butter, you can have both within 15 minutes for a cheaper price. #BOOM

Reason 4: Your friends are gonna be so impressed with you and all your flavors

Nothing like making your own butter to make you the most impressive hostess at Christmas. You can literally fool your guests at holiday parties with “Fancy Rosemary Garlic Butter” and they will swoon over you.

Also, you could serve some yummy cinnamon honey butter, at a girls day brunch you so graciously offered to host, and it will be so perfect to pair with that fabulous low cal toast (HA!).

Reason 5: Finally, you need to know where things come from and how they are made 

I’m sure you have noticed, our world is becoming more and more health conscious. It’s a thing now apparently. As it should be. So, I personally believe it’s good to know what is going into your food and ultimately, what you put into your body. Whoa, that was the healthy version of myself poking her head out.

More importantly, it’s about time we educate ourselves on our food choices! They also say the simpler the ingredients, the better things are for you right?

I know butter isn’t like a superfood (in most people’s books except my own), but it is homemade. It’s not packed full of preservatives or anything. Look, I’m not super fit, I like my fries with lots of salt, and you can’t keep my hands out of the chips and queso, even if you held me at gunpoint. But it is important to live a lifestyle where you know what you are deciding to put into the one thing that you need to have a good quality of life.

Did you know?

Remember that 5 million dollar Ghee you buy? It can also be made from butter. Which is supposed to be safe for people that have a lactose intolerance. I find it odd that I didn’t know that. There is a recipe for ghee in my butter making kit though.

Now that you’re completely convinced on making your own butter….


How do I get started?

From one rookie to another, these are the items I found most useful.  I got the Butter Bell and the Butter Starter kit from Amazon and found them super helpful. I already had the Mixer and Splash Guard…which ended up being more like a splash resistant guard.I will be buying the silicon mat so I can make my buttah look a little more buttah-ish

The Butter Bell helps to keep your butter softer in the fridge since it does tend to get rock like in the fridge.

This Butter starter kit also doubles as a beginning Cheese making kit and comes with:

  • a butter recipe book (includes cultured butter and ghee recipes)- and lots of information- I’ll be keeping it handy.
  • some different samples for flavoring: siracha, honey, olive oil, salt
  • cheesecloth
  • cultures
  • gloves
  • wrappers for butter- if you are going to be freezing it- the recipe book gives you timelines on the freezer life. 2-3 months I think. However, they (butter gurus) don’t suggest using any fresh herbs for freezing because the herbs will look unappealing after you defrost it.

Why isn’t this butter yellow?

I asked myself this after I was done, then forgot I asked myself that, and  then asked myself this AGAIN while writing this blog post. Lucky for you, I googled it. Apparently grass fed heavy cream will make butter that is more yellow because of the cow’s diet. If cow’s are fed mostly corn, then the butter will turn out more white. If they are fed more grass, then you will see more of a yellow coloring.

Interested in making your own butter but you’re on your lunch break at work? That’s totally fine! Save this for later on Pinterest! If you liked this tutorial and also like keeping things simple, try my 3 ingredient peanut butteroon recipe, or my Oatmeal Blueberry Loaf recipe where I make my own oat flour!


  • Samantha July 19, 2018 at 8:54 pm Reply

    Even though you say it’s super easy to make your own butter, I’m still way impressed. And also jealous that you have a stand mixer! I’ve always wanted to buy one of those (you know, one of the ones that comes in a pretty color) but they’re so expensive. And I don’t bake, so I can’t REALLY justify it (unless it was seafoam, perhaps…). I’m going to Pin this just in case I ever get my act together and decide to make a batch of butter.

    Also, how I loved that you used the word “tarnation” in this post! Well done, Hood.

    • hillaryhood08 July 19, 2018 at 10:18 pm Reply

      Haha, there is always the shaker bottle butter. You could pour it into the water bottle, give it to your toddler and tell them to shake it all day. Not only would it wear them out for nap time but it would provide your family with homemade butter. The only reason I wanted to really get married was to get a stand mixer. My mom packed her old one up and gave it to me for Christmas! She also gave me her attachments. So now I don’t have to get married and I still have my stand mixer. HA. Pin away girl, pin away! Also, thank you for your encouragement.

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