Weekend Trips, moonlight yoga, and baked goods!

Do you live in the Austin or San Antonio area and need a day trip or weekend getaway? The Ridge, a local business in Kerrville, TX is a quaint, local gem that offers good food, baked goods, and plants to get your green thumb bloomin’. The Ridge hosts several fun events, among them being a free “Moonlight Yoga” at every Full Moon. Join me as I get to reminisce over my whimsical experience. You may just find yourself booking at place to stay! Go book your weekend getaway! 


Making the most out of a Weekend or Day Trip 

Sometimes we all need to just get away. It’s so healthy for you to experience new places and take time for yourself, with or without your family! Whatever you need at that time. Sometimes all it takes is waking up at a cute Bed and Breakfast and enjoying being outside of our monotonous daily lives. Pack your bags, grab some snacks, and hit the road Jack. Just get away from it all! You deserve a break refresh, renew, whatever you need to ground yourself again.

Sidenote: Your brain actually produces “feel good” chemicals when experiencing new things, especially with your significant other.

These sunflowers look pretty grounded…..

So where in the heck is Kerrville, TX located?

If you live in Texas, then you are no stranger to how massive Texas really is. To put into perspective, it would take you 12 hours to drive from the widest points of Texas. Most Texans know that the largest part of a road trip is trying to cross the Texas state line to other states. So when someone asks, where do you live in Texas? A lot of people respond with “North, South, East, West, or Central”. Kerrville is about 45- 60 mins northwest of San Antonio off I-10. Central Texas,-ish.

The neighboring town, Fredriksburg, about 20 minutes away, is booming with wineries here lately. People visit Fredriksburg to go shopping, and drink. Those are my kind of people.

Many of you could probably care less, but Kerrville is where I was born and raised till right before high school. Currently, all of my immediate family still lives there.


Some cool Background of “The Ridge” and my family!

My grandfather (Papa), helped to develop ranch style homes in a place called Tierra Linda, which is right outside of Kerrville and next to The Ridge. They lived in a home in this ranch style community. In fact, what is now the Cafe at The Ridge, was actually my papa’s old real estate office and my Mimi’s grocery store! Now, I haven’t kept up with any businesses that were there between the two, but I thought it was some fun facts for you.  They have done so much to this place, it’s quite amazing!

 What’s at The Ridge?

The Ridge has a cafe, bakery, marketplace, and gardens. They also host events! My mom is constantly here buying plants! They have live music, and I’m sure there is wine! It’s just a nice, gorgeous place to hang out! If you want to know what other services they provide and what else they have to offer check out their website! 

Did I mention they have chickens with a Bad-A chicken coop and chicken run? Yeah, now you know why I’m in love.

What is this Moonlight Yoga you speak of?

I was there recently doing “Moonlight Yoga”. This takes place every Full Moon and it’s free yoga class. It’s not at nighttime, it’s at 7AM in their garden area. They call it moonlight yoga because you can see the pale full moon still in the sky while the sun is rising. If you have a cool place and want to offer more events, offer moonlight yoga. I’ll go!

Children are welcome, although my niece was the only child there (haha). She did really well for it being her first time and she got to pick a yummy treat from the bakery after, so it was worth her while to get up with my momma and I.

She worked hard for that treat!! 

Look at that face! Yes my niece is so adorable, I know. She gets it from her Aunt!

Sidenote: The Cafe at The Ridge opens at 8am so if you wanted to stay for breakfast after, it’s a hop, skip, and a jump away.

Ok, so where do I go after yoga and breakfast?

Easy, go to Fredriksburg for shopping and wine. Duh. Or just go to my Momma’s house. She loves having company! Or just go explore what Kerrville has to offer! They have a large walking trail in the park and great camp sites in the surrounding areas!

Live la vida local! 

Refresh, Renew, Relax

Whether you’re going to get away from it all, or just enjoying a day trip, I highly recommend going to Kerrville. The Hill Country is a beautiful place, the perfect mini vacay.

Please tell me about where you would like to go on your weekend getaway! If you don’t have a place you want to go, tell me about how you refresh yourself! It’s so important and I wanna know!


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  • Kathy Spann July 12, 2018 at 7:04 pm Reply

    I was just at The Ridge with my sisters. We had lunch it was really good. Would definitely go again. I love the Hill country.

    • hillaryhood08 July 12, 2018 at 7:10 pm Reply

      It’s wonderful! So glad you enjoyed it! I can spend hours there!

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