URBAN eat.drink- Life in the Hood ventures into local gem

Looking for fabulous local restaurant that isn’t over run by tourists in the Austin/Round Rock area? URBAN eat.drink is the place to be!  It’s quaint, small, and did I mention they have great food? Dive into my review on this local gem!

I need to be able to bring people back to life? Why I left the farm.

With nursing school fast approaching, I mentioned before that I have a laundry list of items I have to get done to proceed with the program. Being certified to resuscitate people just so happens to be one of them (aka CPR certified). Who would have thought I needed that? Don’t forget to check out why I decided to retire from teaching!

I had to leave the farm and go into town so that I could show someone I knew how to do CPR. It ended up being a MASSIVE miscommunication. I ended up signing up for the wrong class, they ended up not getting my registration. I spent a lot of time waiting on this particular day (eye-roll). I’m honestly not the most patient of individuals when you are intruding on my nap time. It just so happens however, on this particular day, I was trying to work on maintaining my “inner peace”.

The CPR instructor told me that he could still certify me but that they wouldn’t be covering the skills I needed for another hour and a half. At this point I had already been waiting over an hour! So I smiled, bit my tongue, and said to myself, “Ok, find this opportunity to go enjoy lunch somewhere”.  So I ventured out and I’m so glad I did.


I stumbled upon URBAN eat.drink

I got onto my google maps and said “Siri, take me somewhere to eat!”. URBAN eat.drink popped up! I had actually heard of it before but never had the opportunity to try it. I followed my maps to downtown Round Rock, also the home of the famous Round Rock Donuts! It looked closed at first but then I remembered oh, it’s 11:02am and they opened at 11:00am. I’m their first customer.

I will say, parking seemed somewhat limited due to local businesses and what not but it’s not on a busy street so that’s a plus!

Proper attire, something I wasn’t prepared for….

I walked in and was cheerfully greeted by the hostess and seated promptly.

However, now that I think about it, I looked like a complete homeless person, I was ready to bring people back to life, not look cute at lunch! I was in a  baggy t-shirt, yoga pants, tennis shoes, greasy hair, and zero makeup. This is completely acceptable and daily attire in the Hood. Chickens don’t judge.  If you want to eat at URBAN eat.drink however, it’s like a cute casual place to go. On their website they describe it as “upscale casual”.  Check out their story here. It’s super cute!



As I said before, I was like the second customer or the first but I had all of my sweet waitresses attention. Kelly, my waitress,  recommended some things on the menu and they were so good. I wanted to keep things somewhat healthy, so I decided to go with this $12 for 2 special. I got to pick 1/2 sandwich and 1/2 salad. It also came with a drink. Not too bad! I’m including part of the menu so you can see what the prices looked like.

I included the cocktail menu first because, let’s be real, that’s the most important part of the menu. But here is the Lunch menu. Not the best pictures but I already looked out of place with my attire so I didn’t want to look even more creepy.

The food came out super quick, probably because it was the first order of the day! It was so good!


I basically scarfed it down. It was also the perfect portion! Enough to fill me up, but I didn’t leave feeling miserable and like I couldn’t save someone’s life.


Whether you’re wanting a cute place to have lunch, or a fun date night, URBAN eat.drink is a great place to go and I absolutely recommend it. It’s a great place to eat and the atmosphere is fantastic. I also have on good authority that they have brunch and happy hour! Who doesn’t love brunching it up?  Support local businesses and live la vida local! They also have a rooftop place to eat! 


If you’re local and have a non-touristy place that you recommend please drop a comment below! I love trying local restaurants!

Also, if you’re visiting Round Rock and need a place to take the kids for a while, check out the Play for all Park! It’s a goldmine for kids!


  • Brit July 9, 2018 at 5:40 pm Reply

    Yum! That looks so delicious. It also looks like a perfect little ‘go out with the girls’ place! If I lived in TX we could totally go get some appetizers and drinks 🙂

    • hillaryhood08 July 9, 2018 at 6:27 pm Reply

      We could get into trouble there together for sure! “Brunch with the girls!” Is exactly what I thought when I showed up. Maybe one day! Cheers to hoping! I’m the meantime I can go there and drink what you would have! 😂 making a new batch of plum preserves soon!!

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