6 steps to an easy floral welcome sign!

Do you have company coming over and need something cute for your front door? This DIY floral welcome sign is not only easy but it’s quick and affordable. Follow these 6 easy steps to the cutest sign in your neck of the woods! 

 Originally I was going to glitter the crap out of those letters but I decided against it because it would probably fall off in the house and I ain’t about to deal with all that. So what I am trying to say is that you don’t need glitter.

Happy Sunday Peeps!

Before I start, I would like to say that this post DOES NOT contain affiliate links. Everything linked in my website is because I love it and chose to link it for viewing purposes.

Moving forward…to florals

Today I am going to share with you how I literally threw together this floral DIY floral sign for the front door. It’s probably my all time favorite sign. It has everything I love in it. Texas farmhouse flava and floral is the ying to my yang homies! There is a reason I’m obsessed with Pioneer Woman style and it is mostly her use of Florals. Pump the brakes though for a second.  In my opinion, you have to be super careful with florals. They can look really cheap and corny (dare I say “old lady-ish”? I don’t know how else to describe it!).

Let’s talk about how I have become a craft supplies hoarder:

Now, I’m gonna just start off by saying, I don’t have the resources to go buy all the supplies I need for projects. I’m a teacher for Pete’s sake. Whenever I’m feeling crafty (and have time), I look at the things I have on hand and walk around the farm to see what else I can find to add to it. Some may call me a scavenger. I think I’m just acting like a chicken.

I also buy things on sale- especially crafting items I know I will use, that way when I need them, I have them. Later it helps reduce the cost of my projects since I didn’t pay full price for them to begin with. I mentioned in my DIY bathroom sign tutorial that a long time ago I went to an estate sale and bought a huge box of old wood for $4.00 and that is why most of my tutorials have been on signs (duh) because I already have a crap ton of wood!

Down the rabbit hole we go….

With that being said, I did go to one of my favorite stores in the world, Hobby Lobby, to pick up the flowers for this project. Sidenote: I didn’t actually know where this sign was going till after I started (and artificial flowers can be flippen expensive) so after I got the idea but before I went to Hobby Lobby I checked their website and their florals were 50%off (shut the front door!! I’m on my way).

Wooden Lettering purchase…. are you crazy, that wasn’t DIY? No, my friend, that was on sale.

The wooden lettering, “hey yall”, that I used for this project, was purchased off of Jane.com (like my all time favorite app/ website- it’s addicting and they have great deals). It was less than $10 with S&H. I have actually not allowed myself to use the app because I am trying to save some money and that doesn’t happen for me when I can have cute clothes/ decor in just one click! The lettering came as just a wooden cutout and I picked white because it looks so darn good against plain wood.

I would like to also share that I was in a BAD mood when painting the stinkin’ lettering because there was practically hurricane winds outside (we live on a hill) and it’s Melt-your-face-off May so it was like a blowdryer on my darn paintbrush and the paint was drying before I could get it to the wood. My hair was whippin and nae naeing (and now has white paint all in it) and I was screaming at the wind.

I’m glad we live in a place where people can’t hear me cursing at things like the wind because although it would be embarrassing, I can’t suffer in silence so it would still happen, human beings present or not. Alex (#putaringonit) was laughing every time he walked by me because I just couldn’t get a grip. Needless to say the rest of this project had to be done inside because it was blowing away outside and I couldn’t deal.

OK, Here we go!

Materials needed for this gorgeous sign:

  • 3 wooden panels of the same length (mine were about 18″X 5.5″ a piece) The total sign was about 18″X 16″. (on hand)
  • 2 smaller wooden pieces for the backing- to hold the others together- I eyeballed it- and actually just went to a scrap wood pile and found some that were about the same size (remember the backing doesn’t really matter, nobody is looking at the back of the sign-on hand).
  • small nails (on hand)
  • “hey yall” wooden lettering or stencil- however you want to get the letters on. (previously purchased on the jane.com website- so it was on hand)
  • paint color of choice for wooden lettering (on hand)
  • paintbrush (duh- but also on hand)
  • hot glue gun (on hand)
  • assorted artificial flowers (I went to hobby lobby and picked the flowers based on the look I wanted, I had to assemble it though.)
  • wood glue (on hand)
  • jute rope- for hanging- you can use wire if that’s what you have on hand but my classroom is western themed so I had jute rope on hand.
  • clamps for when you glue the lettering onto sign- (or you can use something heavy- I used cookbooks- on hand)

Once you have all of the materials you are ready start.

Step 1: Assembling the sign

Take your 3 wooden panels and position them how you want- make sure you check both sides to see which side is “prettier”- or if you want the ugly side use that side, I don’t care, it’s your sign not mine. Take the 2 smaller wooden backing boards and position those so that all 3 boards are going to be connected once you nail them down. I then flipped the boards and nailed from  the front of the sign to the connector boards on the back. Careful here: I totally missed and had to go back and add more nails. You can see my wood scraps as my connector boards (fo free!). Not pictured: the three nails stickin out when I completely missed the board (what a waste).

Step 2: Paint your letters – in non hurricane-like wind. 

Take your paint of choice and paint your letters- 1-2 coats. Let those suckers dry. I had to show you who hopped up on the porch to be a nosy fella. He literally ended up laying next to me as I cursed the wind. (If you thought you could make it through one of my posts without a chick pic, you are sadly mistaken)  


Step 3: Assemble placement of items on your sign

Don’t glue anything down yet!! You need to make sure you like it first!! I played around with the placement of my letters and I assembled the flowers with how I wanted them.


Step 4: Attach Letters

Using your wood glue, attach the wooden letters to the sign and use clamps (or cookbooks!)  to secure wood down. Wipe up any excess wood glue that shows its ugly face. I guess I forgot to take a picture of glue drying for you guys….. sorry, not sorry (boring). Check your wood glue to see how long it should be clamped (mine takes at least 30 mins- but I usually let it sit an hour to be on the safe side). Then you can remove your clamps (cookbooks/ heavy objects) from wooden lettering.

Step 5: Attach Jute Rope (or wire) – whatever you want to hang this baby with!

I used these little hook things and threaded the Jute rope through them and double knotted, possibly triple knotted them. But, I actually did this after my sign was complete.  I took the chance in squashing my flowers. To save you possibly squashing your FAKE florals, I put this as the next step. You can also do this before you start gluing. It’s up to you.

Step 6:  Gun down those flowers

First plug in your glue gun…… sorry had to write it. While it is heating up, cut off the tops of your artificial flowers. You don’t need the stems – (possibly save for another project?).  Once it is nice and hot, start gluing the flowers that you already positioned. This shouldn’t be the first time you’re assembling your flowers.  If it is, oh well, strike while the glue is hot! Ya feel me?


Once the glue is dry you should have your gorgeous sign made! Hang it where everyone can see it!

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  • Stacey May 20, 2018 at 7:50 pm Reply

    I love it

    • hillaryhood08 May 20, 2018 at 7:51 pm Reply

      Thank you!!!

  • Brittany May 20, 2018 at 8:00 pm Reply

    This is gorgeous! Normal -ish people up here in Wisconsin don’t say ya’ll, but it’s my favorite thing to yell at the kids ;P. I love the not at all dowdy old lady florals as well. My Hob Lob is forty five minutes away. Thank the sweet baby Jesus, or our bank account would suffer!

    • hillaryhood08 May 20, 2018 at 8:07 pm Reply

      Thanks girl!! When I went to the great Hob Lob, I had to make sure something I needed was on sale and if you have the app there is always a 40% off coupon that you can use on a full price object. It took me like an hour to pick out the flowers because I was terrified of the shall I say “aged” look. I tell myself I can only go if there is something specific I need because I think I could spend all day in there. As always, thank you for your amazing comments!!

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