A Mothercluckin’ good time

The end of school is ALWAYS so incredibly busy. I have been wanting to post about our new baby chicks (from butt to nest- not from store to home). Our poor hen ‘Boots’ was sitting on 6 eggs (she is a Bantam chicken- so she is smaller than a regular sized chicken) and the eggs were too much for her little body to keep warm. No matter the angle there was eggs poppin’ out everywhere. So we made a decision to get rid of two of the eggs. We didn’t want her to be stressed about keeping her eggs warm. She sat on 4 eggs…….and 3 of the 4 hatched! YIPPEEEEE!

If you haven’t ever watched eggs hatch, you need to! It truly is so cool to see. Not to mention, educational as heck! It doesn’t happen right away, sometimes the chicks take a while to figure out how to get out but it really is remarkable. I cannot tell you how many Kindergarten students I have encountered that do not know where chicks come from.

So we knew hatch day was coming and to prepare we took another dog kennel (large) and covered it with the metal hardware cloth- to make it snake-proof. Who am I kidding when I say we? I mean ALEX did all the work….I gave my two cents every once in a while. That’s what I’m for right? You can find hardware cloth at Home Depot or another hardware store close to you.

A lot of you may ask “Why would you move them once they are starting to hatch, let them be!” And to that I say “I agree”. You really should let nature take its course and let them do their thang when hatchin’.  Our problem is that our boxes are so high that the chicks will fall and most likely die if we left them to attempt to climb down. We have had it happen in our small coop before and would much rather move them to safety before they all hatch and prevent any accidental falls. Plus, momma hen is able to get off the other eggs to eat and drink in a small space in which her eggs are still safe and then get back on easily- baby chick in tow can get in and out of the box easily as well. We have also had issues with momma hen being stressed because baby doesn’t know how to get back up in the box, and she neglects the other eggs (understandable). It’s honestly just a better, SAFER, situation for momma and babies. Here are some pictures of our little butt nuggets.

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We have had such a wonderful time getting to watch these fluffy butts grow so far. Everyone is happy and healthy- names to be determined.

Now as far as our other fluff butts go!

(These being the one that was born naturally and then the ones we got from Tractor Supply).

We have moved our Golden Sex-Links and California Grey’s to the small coop with our Bantam Rooster Teeny. They are all hens and are doing great. They were big enough to be moved and have done beautifully during their transition.The awesome thing about chickens is that they learn super flippin’ quick. It doesn’t take but a day or two for them to figure out how to put themselves up and what not.

We had 2 bantams that were straight run (not sexed- so a mix of female and males). We only got two for fear of more roosters. I picked one hen and the other has turned out to be a rooster! AHHH. I know. Oh and our precious baby pepper is more like a John Snow (Game of thrones anyone?) he started crowing thing week. He is super sweet though. Here is a picture of him hanging out with Alex while he worked on the babies temporary safe-house.


One day I will figure out how to get these darn pictures bigger so you can actually see things.

So besides the fact that we now have 4 roosters, 2 coops, and 3 babies that could all be roosters (who knows!) Life is all good in the Hood. BUSY, but GOOD.

I am going to be working on a new series on organizing my life so stay tuned for organization, tips, and tricks.

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  • Sarah May 6, 2018 at 8:03 pm Reply

    They’re sooo cute!! What are you going to do with all the roosters? I can’t remember, but I think we had two, and dad had to sell one. Do they fight?

    • hillaryhood08 May 6, 2018 at 9:23 pm Reply

      Luckily we have a fenced off area (we call our small coop) for our smaller rooster to stay. Our larger free range area is for our big rooster. We have had issues with them fighting in the past, so we kept the two we had separated because of their difference in size. Others have had 6-7 roosters coexist fine. With all that being said we are discussing building a 3rd coop area for the two new small roosters. They are coexisting right now ok.

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