The day I tried to be John Wayne and failed…..miserably

I have not written a post in a while! Life has been everything except calm to say the least. We have had hatching chickens, end of school year activities, and our weekends have been anything but relaxing… did I forget to mention I was thrown off a horse a week ago? 


Picture this…. because there aren’t pictures in this post (sorry- nobody needs to see my butt)

Bright, Sunday afternoon. Evening dinner plans with friends. I tried to dress up a tad- as in I got out of my yoga pants for like 2 hours and switched my house slippers for some sandals. Alex and I were going to be in charge of the home fries so I gather up my stuff and we head out the door. Little did I know what was about to go down. 

My good friend and co-worker, Harli, got a beautiful new horse (his name is Pistol- adorbs right?).  She was excited to ride him (naturally) and asked me if I would like to ride with her. 

Sidenote: I have ridden horses plenty of times, however, I am NOT a professional, nor do I ride often. I probably hadn’t ridden a horse in several years (I thought it had been ten, but there was that one time in college). Also, let me remind you that I was wearing sandals. I wasn’t fit to ride a horse at this moment in time but all of this didn’t stop me from saying “OF COURSE!!!!!” I mean who cares that my pants are tight and I can’t even bend my legs correctly? 

So we saddled up and were on our way (WALKING- the simple stuff ya know?)  We were on our second round through the pasture and things were going good. I was in my own little western, minding my own darn business, when out of nowhere the horse I was riding began running…..and NOT listening. You would think, the wind being in my hair and being one with the horse would have made my homemade western that much better…… um think again because this Hood rat was terrified. You better believe I was yankin’ on them reins the best I knew how (don’t know that much about horseback riding- just basics) and shouting “WHOA!” This girl was not listenin’ to me whatsoever, and because I wasn’t prepared for her to start running. I wasn’t able to get into the groove of her running, so I was bouncin all over the place. The last thought I had before being thrown was “This is NOT going to end well.” 

BOOM! (I was thrown) 

BAM! Hood down (MAYDAY!)

Now, the ground hurt….. so bad. I landed on my hip and then hit my head. I got up and my immediate reaction anytime I get injury is screaming and kind of laughing “I’M OK, I’M OK!” Wasn’t doing this for long because I realized I may not be ok right now. My hearing began to muffle and my eyesight got blurry. If you have ever had your sense messed with like this you can probably understand why I began to panic. I thought I was going to faint, and couldn’t put all of my body weight on my left leg (insert profanities). 

Our friend ran and got the golf cart and I was on my merry way to the house. I looked down at my old pedicure (now) and my toe looked like a dang lawnmower- it had grass sticking up every which way from it.  After about 5 minutes my senses were back to normal and my hip hurt like a mofo. The skin was also NUMB (can you say nerve damage?). 

After sitting for I don’t even know how long, Alex and I decided to skip out on dinner and just go home (whilst informing my principal that I would NOT be able to walk into work the next day). Alex has had multiple concussions and said he thought I had a small one. I wasn’t puking and didn’t even have a headache (surprising). 

Now, before I get a bunch of heep for not immediately going to the doctor please hear me out. Last summer, I had a major surgery (story for another time) and some dental work done. I have only been medical bill free for about 3 months. I wasn’t concerned about my head (although it was so scary at the time) because I wasn’t experiencing any symptoms. I knew Alex would be keeping an eye on me and would drive my butt to the doctor if he was really concerned. 

It’s sad that the first thing I can think of is money when receiving medical care but it’s the truth and I am currently attempting to do some other things in my life that require a fair amount of money (hopefully I will get to announce soon- no not pregnant) so to have someone tell me to rest and then bill me thousands of dollars is just not my jam. I realize it’s stupid but I knew at that point I was going to survive and I wanted to wait and see how the hip was gonna do. I told Alex to make sure I was still alive throughout the night. 


I felt like I had been hit by the ground for sure. Every bone ached…. I was so sore. But the good news, I was able to put most of my weight on my leg and walk around. Still swollen and tight……..but better, I think what amazes me through all of this is how amazing the human body is and how quickly it tries to heal itself. So glad I had the day to recuperate and try out my new(ly damaged) leg. Also, the swelling made it look like I had a butt implant! A lopsided one though……  talk about au natural butt lift.  


Still a tad swollen and starting to bruise- oh boy is it starting to bruise…. it ain’t too purty. I can put all of my weight on my leg and I try to stretch daily. I am healing! Praise the Lord.


What I learned: I can never be John Wayne- the horse must have been insulted by the thought “Get the heck outta here.” (literally) Life in the Hood can be rough but I always find a way to survive. 

Life advice: Don’t wear sandals when riding a horse and always wear a helmet. 

Also, (what I was reminded of) 

Don’t take life for granted. Get back on the saddle if you have the desire (I don’t, just in case you were wondering). So many people have accidents like this and they aren’t as lucky as I am. Count your blessings even during the difficult times. Thank God for each and every day that you are alive and healthy. Your health is so important. Not just physical, but mental, and spiritual as well. 


Take care of yourself….and go to the dang doctor if need be! 


NOTES: I do not own the featured image of this post.



  • Kim April 30, 2018 at 10:46 am Reply

    Lovely written! It’s insane that you have to be scared of medical bills, wish you all had the experience off cheap healthcare as we have here. (If you ask someone here, they say its expensive amd that start cursing, but they don’t realize how lucky they are having to pay 100 euro a month but everything is taken care off, even dentist). Anyway, You are so brave for going on that horse, I wouldn’t have tried for a million dollar xd Hope this experience hasn’t scared you away 💜 Hope you feeling better 🌸

    • hillaryhood08 April 30, 2018 at 11:57 am Reply

      Thank you so much for the compliment and the well wishes! I am feeling a lot better! The healthcare situation is crazy and for some it is better than others. Unfortunately, for me, I can’t afford to be hurt!!! I’ll keep my feet on the ground…. for now.

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