Dressing as Hannibal or actually benefitting my skin?

I have been so curious about these face masks that I see so many people using (of course mine isn’t the one made of gold- homegirl is broke- oh wait, I didn’t buy this at all). So of course I was over the moon exited when I got this face mask for my birthday.

If you need to know anything about me it is that I LOVE SELF CARE (aka pampering myself). I think that self care is so important when you work your butt off on the front lines of your own life. Life is hard, and exhausting, and can be so rewarding. Often times we find ourselves spread too thin, working too late (or on the weekends) or so focused on others that we forget about our own self care. I absolutely realize that self care comes in many forms and that a face mask may not be your form of self care (you clearly haven’t had a facial in which you were told that you had “congested pores”- sorry but that just changes a girl!)

On to the mask though…. When I first saw these masks on people, I’m not gonna lie, I thought they were down right terrifying. I mean, they just remind me so much of the mask they put on Hannibal Lecter because he ate people and I just get so creeped out by that. It took me about 2 months to actually decide to use the darn thing (just kidding, that’s just when I found time to do it- see too dang busy!) This is the mask that was given to me (I did not look that elegant- rock it girl).

Face Mask

So the directions were pretty clear, wear the mask for a designated amount time and then take it off (It honestly doesn’t matter the time limit, I ALWAYS add like 5 more minutes- just in case there was a little something extra to be gotten from my face in this case–> congested pores syndrome).

I don’t understand why I don’t look like that girl on the front yet……


still waiting….. and comparing…..


I didn’t take an after picture…. was I supposed to? I stink at product reviews. I honestly couldn’t tell a difference right after so that’s actually why I didn’t take a picture. I figured. eh, it was a birthday gift and I am glad I tried it…….



I went to school the next day and I had two of my amazing co-workers tell me that my skin was glowing- so I ran to the bathroom to check and it wasn’t glowing in the dark (nix the radiation thought) so I figured it must have been the face mask. Knowing that other thought my skin was glowing was surprising but also reassuring. These masks must work!

I would totally do this type of face mask:

  • before a wedding (hopefully mine? #alexwearisthering?)
  • before an important event in which I need to be looking fly
  • honestly if I could afford to do this every day I would


How do you all like to pamper yourselves?!? Fill me in or make suggestions for me to try!

Peace and Blessings peeps!

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