Why you need to get a curling wand!

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As I sit on our wonderful front porch soaking up the sun, I had a sudden realization that I hadn’t told all of y’all about this wonderful purchase I made off Amazon. But before you keep reading you need to ask yourself the following questions.

Have I been dying to own a wand and yet my Hogwarts letter never came, therefore crushing  a dream? (If yes keep reading, if no… keep reading… and you’re clearly not a Harry Potter fan and maybe I can forgive that as long as you keep reading)

Do I have hair that I need to stay magically curled? (If yes, keep reading..If no, just keep reading anyway)

Are curlers becoming too annoying for my to even bother with?

Do I kink my hair every time I use a curling iron?

Do I have the capability to take precaution when operating hot things? 

If answered yes to all of these questions, then boy do I have a great product for you!

Yes I am a total Harry Potter nerd and I had to include some sort of wizarding reference because I am going to be reviewing a wand but this wand only does magic to your hair and nothing else. It can also be hazardous so it even comes with a fireproof dragon glove (aka heat resistant glove duh). I am talking about the ‘Homitt Beauty curling iron’.

** Please note this is an affiliate link**
Homitt 5 in 1 Curling Iron Set with 5 Interchangeable Curling Wand Ceramic Barrels and a Heat Protective Glove

I bought this bad boy last week and went to use it and realized that I had absolutely no idea what the heck I was doing and that I should watch a wand tutorial first. If you need a reference go watch the 12 minute video on youtube: 10 Tips and Tricks for Using a Curling Wand

I mean, you are talking to a girl who has never strayed from her love of curlers. One of my best friends, introduced me to curlers back in high school and here I am still using them…. until now. Curlers have to be planned, and there has to be enough time, and typically my hair will fall with curlers by the end of the EVENT I am curling my hair for. If I actually wanted my hair to stay curled all day, my hair would laugh at me then get stuck in my lip gloss (on purpose). I used the wand today before school and the curls lasted all day (Don’t forget I’m a Kindergarten teacher so having any hair at the end of the day is a miracle in itself). I mean, I just finished this super hard workout and my curls are still lookin fly AF in my pony tail. What I also love about this wand in particular is that is has different sized barrels you can attach so the chances of you getting your desired curl are pretty high (chill peeps- pics are coming).

Here is the packaging- looks real sleek!

Curling wand

Caution: You must have long fingers to wear the glove (my only complaint but its really minor in comparison to the other problems in my life- choose your battles- I did burn my finger but I wasn’t wearing the glove…..oops):

dragon glove

These are the barrels for the wand:  (Amazon lists the sizes but I’m too lazy)

Wand sizes

And last but not least the days pictures (before and after the magic happened)

After school (about 4:30 when I took this pic)

still curly after school

And this is a post workout pic (I look miserable but the curls are still on point)

after workout curls

Prepare yourself for the possible following reactions:

From kids:“Your hair looks different!”

From co-workers (also badasses):“Your hair looks so pretty today!”, “I just want to play with it!”, “It’s so fancy!”, “Gosh, your hair is looking great today!” (Why thank you! It’s all in the swish and flick!!)

I knew the kids would notice because I typically wear my hair in a high bun or pony tail (psychological lice infestations are almost as real as actual lice in your hair). But today…..I felt like I had the paparazzi looking me up and down on the red carpet! The hallway was my runway! I rocked those curls! I even struck a pose before disappearing into my room (baha- that would have been funny).

I am just saying….It felt good to have my hair done for once…. and it only took about 35 mins (my hair is somewhat thick and it’s medium in length).

Sharing is caring. Go buy yourself a wand and make the magic happen people.

Magic happening:

make the magic happen

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  • Miss Mental March 22, 2018 at 6:04 am Reply

    looks beautiful!

    • Hillary March 22, 2018 at 6:25 am Reply

      Thank you!!! I appreciate that.

  • Dixey March 22, 2018 at 11:05 am Reply

    Your hair looked fabulous darling … can’t believe it lasted all day! Great and funny read as always!!!

    • Hillary March 22, 2018 at 11:10 am Reply

      Thanks Mom!!!! I was impressed by the wand!!! Finally got my wand! Haha

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