2 Princesses, 1 Castle and a local goldmine for kids!

First the mushy shout out: I would like to give a major shoutout for all the awesome parents in the world! I have such a great respect for y’all. It is probably one of the most exhausting, yet rewarding jobs in the entire world…. I wouldn’t know personally, but I do have nieces that I literally cry over because I love them so much. I truly feel like they are my own babies and would do absolutely anything for them. I’m sure being the ACTUAL parent has heavier emotions, and if this is the case (which it will be) I think I might spend approximately 95% of my life as a parent sobbing uncontrollably over these little tiny little extensions of my heart.

The last couple of days have been a blurry hot mess of  greatness. I got a small taste of parenthood when my nieces came! Yes, that is right, I said NIECES (plural). I was only planning to have the one (turning 4 years old in May), which is why I bought the princess castle in my previous post, “The Princess Tent from H-E- double hockey sticks”. My mother brought her to me on her way through Austin to visit my Aunt in the Ft. Worth area. She had my (almost 2 year old) niece in tow with her as well to take with her. Well, much to my surprise, the 2 year old refused to get in the RV to go on with their trip! She wanted to stay with ME (yes, I got my approval from a 2 year old and it felt AWESOME!)

I also got their stamp of approval on the tent (thank goodness it didn’t collapse on them with the marker connectors)! Brownie points for being a cool Aunt!

Tent reaction

So, here we go….. 2 kids under the age of 5 and 1 of me…… I GOT THIS…. I think….. just look at this face, it just screams “WE ARE GONNA HAVE SO MUCH FUN!”

Willow G

Well, we do have so much fun! The girls had a blast being out on land and being able to run around and be outside! They got to see horses, goats, a donkey, lots of chickens, Freckles the rabbit, and Diesel. It wasn’t all farm time though. We did go venture into the city!


We went to Round Rock, TX to a very special park, called the Play for All Park. This park was under construction for a while, because they added some new features which are really freaking neat, if I do say so myself! This park has something to do for children of all ages, including children that may be wheelchair bound. Of course Texas spring weather is amazing (before it turns into the burning ring of fire aka summer) and so I think almost every kid in town was at the park but we still had an absolute blast! If you are in the surrounding areas, this is worth a little bit of a drive to bring a picnic and stay for lunch or to just wear your kids out at!

Key features that make this park awesome:

  • High fenced area, so your toddler can’t scale the fence and escape, also the doors to get into the park are heavy so little kids need someone to help them open the door to get in and get out. This is a very important issue for me in particular because when I was 3 years old I wandered away from my mom at Fiesta Texas (theme park, very massive) in San Antonio when we were at the water park and was traumatized. Now I can’t stand being away from my mom and I’m almost 30 years old! (joking…kinda) I did feel like this park was very safe though.
  • Plenty of Bathrooms- They are big bathrooms too. You can bring your stroller or wheelchair in the bathroom if needed, although there are no changing tables, there are large benches that you can change diapers on if needed.
  • Plenty of playground for all ages- I saw kids that were in intermediate school having a blast here. They have a little bit of everything (don’t worry, pictures are posted below) sensory walls and tables, sandboxes, playground for days, and a whole town (I mean a mini town with structures of familiar places in the area (hospital, chik fi la, public library, local grocery store, police station, car dealership and more) with a racetrack for kids to bring their own tricycles and scooters! What is kind of fun about the inclusion of this racetrack is that it connects to the town portion of the park and so you really have to use the crosswalks put in and look both ways or you might be pummeled by a scooter. It teaches kids the safety of the roads which is great! Also, there are stoplights that change so the kids stop and wait for the green traffic light to keep going.
  • Plenty of shaded areas and picnic areas- There are picnic tables, inside and outside the fenced areas with a lot of shaded areas, so the park stays relatively cool. There is nothing more miserable than going to the park, especially in the summer in Texas, and not being able to find any relief from the sun. I remember the days when you brunt your butt going down the hot metal slides, and as a Kindergarten teacher, I check the temperature of the equipment as to avoid 3rd degree burns (exaggeration) on the kids. All of the equipment was cool because of the shade.
  • Parking wasn’t horrible- Now, I’m not saying that you won’t have to walk at all. Considering the amount of people that were at the park we didn’t have to walk very far to get into an entrance to the playground. It also looks like they are trying to add more parking.


  • Not enough energy:  You or your child MAY run out of energy before getting to every part of the park. This may or may not be a con actually.

Check out our time at the park!

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If you would like to visit the park’s website for park hours and other information I haven’t discussed just go to their website. Play for All Park website

You NEED to take your kids to this park!!! #wornout #toallagoodnight

worn out

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  • Dixey March 15, 2018 at 8:43 pm Reply

    I enjoyed the read tonight! Loved the thought of s park so dedicated to the little people that make our lives worth living! Great review !

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