The Princess Tent from H- E- double Hockey Sticks

But first, a little background knowledge:

Hurray! My Niece is coming! My Niece is coming! I am so excited that I can barely stand it. My niece is gonna be 4 years old in May of this year and I absolutely adore her. I have two nieces, the other just turned 2. I feel like these girls are my own children.  I am only keeping the older one for a couple of days since I am on Spring Break.

Anyway, needless to say, I wanted my niece to feel super special so I thought I would change our guest bedroom into a room fit for my little stinker, mostly so she didn’t get scared and felt comfortable (kids can be fickle about spending time away from their parents at this age). I also enjoy spoiling her. On to the tent story now!

OK the story!

At her house she has a princess tent on her bed that she sleeps in. I thought, if she had a princess tent at her Aunt Haha’s (that is what she calls me- go figure) that it would be a similar sleeping environment (but cooler of course) to her home. So I went to Amazon and searched “Princess Tents” (duh). I found the perfect tent and it was available for prime delivery so I thought”Perfect, the stars have aligned”. We get the box on Saturday, Avery (my niece) is coming Monday morning, so I just figured we could throw it up on Sunday after I had cleaned the guest room (we looked like hoarders).

Then it hit me.  MAJOR REALIZATION: That room was NOT ready for a child. There were knives, CO2 cartridges, and BB’s strung out amongst the room (this is Texas- those are minor compared to what most people have lyin around). I thought “Oh good GOD! I can’t even think about putting this tent up until I know there are NO weapons around. So I put all weapons in a safe OUT OF REACH area (like a normal adult). Back to the tent!

So I get my amazing, boyfriend (#putaringonit) to come help me set up this tent. We get all the parts laid out and he is looking at the 1 page directions (only a picture of what the parts look like and then the final product (so basically completely useless). He says “Babe, we have a problem. (eye roll on my end) We are missing some parts…..” No freaking way! So I double check and help him look and we are not talking just one part (all parts missing were connecters so basically what held the dang tent together), we were missing 4 single connectors, and 2 other connectors. Oh forgot to mention we had an extra of another connector. Luckily we had all the poles though.

I said, “Let’s see how far we can go and then see how important they are.” Alex says very politely “Babe, they connect the poles, they are like the most important part of the tent.” (eye roll on my end) Then he said “Give me a minute, I can think of something….” Literally like 5 minutes later he said “You’re a kindergarten teacher! Do you have any fat washable markers?” (Duh, of course I do). I got the markers for him and he said “We have to gut the markers (that’s blasphemy to a Kindergarten teacher)… but the tube is the same diameter as the connecters so we can cut them to make more connecters!” (FRIGGEN BRILLIANT). So it takes about 30 minutes for us to measure, gut, and drill to make sure said markers would work. I really thought we would have already been done with this stinkin’ tent by now! He even made a 3 way connector for the missing one we had.

It takes us about 30 more minutes to even see if the structure would work- his connectors were better than what was sent! We ended up having to use electrical tape to keep things together. But we keep truckin’ because we are determined to make this work.

We finally get it all together and it looks fantastic, however if it hadn’t been for the handmade connectors and excess amount of electrical tape, I don’t think this “tent” would be standing. See pictures below.Cute princess tent1 page instructions for princess tentMarker connectorsthree way marker connectorFinal product princess tent


So I am sure you are going to ask me “Would you recommend this tent?” I would say ABSOLUTELY NOT! I don’t think I could in good conscience recommend this to other people because there is no guarantee that you have electrical tape on hand and fat markers you are willing to destroy. Yes, the final product was amazing but it took 6 man-made on-the-spot connectors and lots of electrical tape to construct and I am still worried it going to fall through! No worries, I would never put my niece in harms way, we have been testing it and it’s fine. I would have never spent that much time constructing that tent….. except I love my niece.

Also, I don’t think we can deconstruct this tent without destroying it, so all future guests will be sleeping in it (my roost, my rules).

EDIT: I feel bad about being negative about this tent because I do LOVE Amazon, and I haven’t ever been disappointed in my purchases from there in the past. So, I am going to give you the link to buy it but I am also going to give you more links to buy the things you will probably need to complete your project.

Buy your tent here

Other supplies: White electrical tape and Washable Markers

Also, GOOD LUCK! Don’t ask me for help (haha)

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  • Jenna. M March 14, 2018 at 6:41 pm Reply

    Wow! Such creativity, I would absolutely never had thought to use markers… Way to go! I’m sure your niece had so much fun!

    • Hillary March 14, 2018 at 8:25 pm Reply

      I was super impressed with how fast he thought of that! The tent was a total hit! The girls absolutely freaked out when they saw it!

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