Spicin’ things up with some Pepper!

I haven’t posted in a little while but I have a chicken update!

We have a baby chick! Actually 10 baby chicks. For a total of 22 chickens. I know, talk about chicken shit everywhere. BUT we get suckered in, especially when tractor supply has baby chicks out just chirpin for a new home.

Not all of our chicks are bought from tractor supply though!

We had a baby hatch!

Our precious Dottie was laying on 6 eggs. About 2 weeks ago we went to close the chickens up and we said thought “what the heck, let’s just check these eggs.”

Much to our surprise there was baby pepper, all warm and fuzzy!

    Baby PepperPepper with DottieWe let Dottie sit on the other eggs but they ended up not being fertilized. We can’t be surprised when we look at their father “Tini” (that’s what you call a small cock). only 1 egg fertilizedNow, we have learned a very hard and traumatic way that chickens will enforce their pecking order, even at the cost of a babies life. We were nervous about leaving Pepper in the coop, so once we were sure their wasn’t a need for Momma hen to sit on the other eggs, we moved them to our snake proof home until baby pepper is big enough to defend herself (or himself). So far momma and baby are loving their safe place. Alex even built a single nesting box custom for the snake proof home. I would say Pepper and Dottie are loving life in their safe place! #saltandpeppaYes that is our baby Pepper riding on her mother’s back. How cute is that?!? Thanks for adding a little spice to our lives Pepper!Pepper riding on Dottie


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