A Chick(en) Story and then there were 9 more

OK, OK! I know you all have been just dying to know since my mention of 10 chicks in my last post about Pepper where the heck the other chicks came from. Well, I have an answer for you and the answer is…. Tractor Supply. We thought, “what the heck”, we have to get some chick food, why not get a couple more chicks? Well, tractor supply has a rule that you can’t just buy like 3 more chicks… you have to buy 6 in order to get some. So don’t ask me how we ended up with 9 chicks in a tiny little carton, literally a carton.

I honestly thought we were only gonna get eight but the guy snuck in an extra one. As Alex and I pulled out of the parking lot we looked at each other and said… “what on God’s green Earth did we just do?”

We now have a running total of 22 chickens. That number is somewhat overwhelming for a newbie chicken mother. We have only been experiencing the wonders of chickenhood for 2.5 years! But, alas, we have accepted our job and now I have two tubs of chickens in my darn kitchen. We currently have about 5 breeds of chickens which include Rhode Island Reds, Bantams, Americauna, California Grey, and Golden Sex Links. The chicks we got were the California Grey (supposed to be great egg layers- I’ll let you know), Bantams, and Golden Sex Link. The only ones we weren’t sure whether or not were gonna be hens were the Bantams and we guessed on only two because we don’t need any more roosters.

Don’t worry, we remembered the chick food!

Current Faminals: 22 chicks, 1 rabbit, 1 dog.

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