Talk about a Chicken Sandwich (almost)

As a wannabe chicken farmer, I want to create “chicken talk” on my blog. This probably won’t intrigue very many people but in case there is actual experienced chicken lovers (not just tasters) that want my experience with chickens or are willing to give advice on their experience then I want to create a forum for that. We always need help here at the house on our chickens. With this being said…


First off, our chickens are free range (super eggin happy). We let them out in the morning and they roam all day, ya know, doin chicken things. We do have some chickens inside a fenced coop area because, as I have mentioned before, we have two roosters (one being a tiny rooster-aka Tini) and we don’t want him to get pummeled by our big “cock” in every form of the word rooster (aka RANDY).

The other day I came home from school to literally feathers everywhere and a missing red chicken- presumed to be a chicken sandwich. Our big beautiful rooster (Randy) has now no butt feathers (walking in the footsteps of his father which he so rudely shunned from the group (R.I.P. Leroy and que Alanis Morissette “Isn’t it ironic” lyrics now)). He wasn’t the only target come to find out. We saw a pile of white feathers (my beloved Biscuit- one of the first chickens I hatched in my Kindergarten classroom) is also butt featherless. Poor gal. It is really odd seeing a chicken’s naked butt but I guess I should be glad that they weren’t something’s chicken sandwich that day. My sweet boyfriend searched for Biscuit for an hour in the 35 degree rainy weather and thought he was going to have to tell me that she had been chik fi la-ed. But I’ll be darned if that little chicken biscuit didn’t show her featherless butt right when he was about to give up. WHEW!! He was relieved.

The Next day, much to our surprise, the missing red hen showed up (out of nowhere), the sky wasn’t falling anymore, and they lived happily ever after.


Suspected Culprit: A Brown Dog

Included in this picture is not only the featherless butt of Randy but also the exact reason we keep the cocks separated. (“toxic masculinity ruins the party again”, my favorite murder anyone?) Check the video of this chicken dance on my Instagram @lyfe_in_the_hood

No Feathers

Toxic masculinity at its finest….

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  • Dixey March 10, 2018 at 3:43 pm Reply

    That’s funny!!! Love the naked butt Chickens!!!

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