6 Steps for Meal Prepping the lazy way

I am always going to be trying my best to better my lifestyle (from 6 sticks of butter to 5 ya know?).

But for real, I do try to better my health and apparently meal prepping helps with eliminating temptation…so I do it. I am also really lazy (duh) so I try to do meal prepping as simple as possible. Obviously it is going to require some time out of your day so just stick with me as I guide you through making meal prepping simple (or so I think). Now keep in mind, this is not coming from a dietician or expert- the only expertise I have in meal prepping is eating the food I make. This is what makes life easier for ME! 

  1. Have a plan (seriously?) thats the whole point right? But I mean like make the plan before you go to the grocery store- I encourage you to go over the recipe as well because you just never know if they sneak some instructions in there that you weren’t expecting. CONSIDER: a crock pot meal! That way when you throw it in, you cook and you’re done (just check serving size so you’re not over doing it!) Your meal plan doesn’t have to occupy the oven. I did my meal planning in my instant pot today while binge watching This is Us.
  2.  Don’t forget your snacks- Believe it or not you get hungry between meals most days and want a little snack (I mean, if you don’t  then tell me your secrets). Plan on having something to grab! I try to plan 2-3 snacks per day whether that be just berries, cucumber and tomatoes, eggs, or apple with a nut butter. MAKE IT SIMPLE FOR YOURSELF! Also, don’t torture yourself with foods you don’t like, find something you DO like.
  3. Prep the night before- No I don’t mean the night before you are supposed to eat it. I mean before you actually are planning to cook it! Take 10 minutes between your Netflix/ Hulu binge and cut up some veggies/ fruit/ or whatever and have it waiting for you in the fridge for the next day. Cutting things up is probably one of the most time consuming things in meal prepping.
  4. Make it simple: You don’t need a 7 course meal for Pete’s sake- have a protein and some vegetables- make it simple for yourself.
  5. When you are stretched for time– try meal prepping  a salad. I have bought a bagged salad and added my own veggies in a massive bowl and just portioned it out each day…Just don’t add the dressing or it will wilt the lettuce (blegh). however if you are someone who likes variety this may not be the best option (but then again maybe you shouldn’t be so stinking picky–> joking).
  6. Don’t Bite off more than you can chew (literally)– Do not put so much pressure on yourself to prep all your meals for the week. I think that’s a good way to never meal prep again! Not saying it can’t be done when you are truly trying to change your lifestyle, but the first time around it will overwhelm you like you wouldn’t believe. Start small if needed by prepping all your snacks one week, the next week prep your snacks and your lunches, then if you really want to prep EVERY meal add dinner the next week. I pre-plan my dinners for the week but I do not cook them beforehand. I just make a menu for the week. That’s for a later post though.


I went ahead and included some of my meal prep pictures of what I do.


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