Meet the Faminals (animals that are basically family)

Today is the monumental day of my first ever blog post. (insert applause)

So of course the theme is “Chickens” and the rest of our fur babies.

I first hatched a batch of chickens in my first Kindergarten class about 3 years ago. I immediately fell in love. Thinking about how you can literally grow a chicken is a very odd concept but I felt like their mother when they came out! I am sure that having a baby of my own would feel much more mother-like, being as there would be less feathers and egg shells and they probably wouldn’t have to dry in an incubator, but I digress. I love our chickens. At the time I lived in an apartment and I took them home with me every night from the school. So glad my apartment complex didn’t know their resident had an apartment room full of chickens!

We have a total of 12 chickens in two different coops. We have two roosters (one is mini and the other is huge- this is why we separate them, so they don’t fight) and we have 10 hens. I didn’t include pictures of everyone! Right now we have a hen, by the name of Dottie, that is sitting on 6 eggs! My current concern is that it is still somewhat chilly, but we are going to let her do her thang and help her in any way we can when the chicks start hatching. Alex and I are going to try and candle the eggs this afternoon to see if we can see embryos growing!

Meet our chickens!

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As I mentioned before we have a rabbit, named Freckles, and a three legged dog, named Diesel. Meet our other fur babies!


Welcome to life in the Hood!

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  • Grimes March 11, 2018 at 3:40 am Reply

    Life in the Hood looks like so much fun! Can’t wait for the sequels that chronicle your amazing story! Having met Freckles, I am already a fan…but, Diesel, oh my goodness…He. Is. Adorable.

    • hillaryhood08 March 11, 2018 at 3:52 am Reply

      I can’t wait to continue posting! I am having too much fun writing these posts! Alex probably thinks I’m losing it!

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