5 Reasons Why Millennials Should Consider Homesteading

Wether you’re a millennial, or like myself, born in that weird 90’s but don’t consider yourself a millennial era, you need to consider homesteading. I’m going to go through the many reasons why picking up even a few good homesteading skills can be beneficial to you! 

I’m gonna be the first one to point out to you that I’m not a self sufficient homesteading guru. No, in fact, I’m completely new at this. I have a long way to go to be completely self sufficient and much more learning to do.

Honestly, I’m not even sure I’m 100% sure I care to be COMPLETELY self sufficient. That’s asking a lot for someone that’s as lazy as me. 

However, I do want to try and become as self sufficient as I can be without going completely off the map. I personally like people knowing where I am and what I’m doing, hence why I started a blog. 

This is where I convince you to become a homesteader. Even if you’re only 25% homesteader. 


What the heck is Homesteading?

Homesteading is away of life in which your household becomes more self sufficient.

Ways your household can become more self sufficient include: food preservation, gardening (also called subsistence agriculture- growing enough food for your family to eat), crafting and sewing for your household.


1.Being self sufficient can help save you money!

We live in a world that is riddled with debt for whatever reason. Some say millennials have no idea how to budget but have they looked at college tuition rates these days? WHEW! I’m not saying there aren’t many who have no idea how to budget, but there is a lot to pay for!

It’s hard to keep up with the Jones’ when you’re too busy eating from a can to to pay for that mandatory laptop, that’s you’re currently using as a $2K T.V. tray. 

Truth is: It’s rare to come out of college without some kind of debt. It’s totally unfortunate but that’s life. Even if you aren’t suffering the college debt life, or in debt from other things, it’s so expensive to be an adult!


How homesteading can help!

If you’re looking for a way to become debt free, then start by trying to grow some of your own things at your house. It may only be cents saved, but they say that a penny saved is a penny earned right?

Whether it’s growing your own herbs or a couple of your own veggies, try saving yourself some money by growing some of the things you use often. 

P.S. You don’t have to have LAND to grow your own veggies. Keep Reading! 

2. Homesteading Can Be Therapeutic 

We are all way too attached to our screens. Let’s be real, I have been binge watching Hulu and surfing Pinterest so much lately that I get annoyed just looking at my computer.

But then of course I pick it up and begin surfing once again! WHHHHHY?? 

Because I’m addicted, just like most everyone else. 

Not only do we a technology addiction, but we are having a huge mental health crisis! Having a sense of purpose is something so many of us long for! Why not find a hobby in which something is relying on you, or that you are creating? It can help!

There is nothing like fresh air and feeling productive. There is a sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with watching something you planted, watered, and nurtured, bloom or produce a vegetable like it was supposed to do. 


Even if you aren’t into planting things, you can learn to bake things from scratch, (like my homemade oat flour in this blueberry loaf recipe), learn to sew (something I haven’t mastered), or secretly raise chickens in your apartment!

To have something depend on you for growth and life gives you a sense of purpose and can provide awesome piece of mind. Again, you don’t have to have land to have a plant, or bake from scratch, or sew, or can shizz for your pantry (like this awesome plum jam)!


3. We can’t let these old skills die!

Our ancestors didn’t have the technology we had. They had to spend time putting effort into their food and therefore they typically had a fairly broad set of skills! How cool is that? If we don’t start learning these skills, We are going to lose those old recipes, and gardening skills, and canning skills, and sewing skills! Broaden your skill set, you won’t regret it! 

Even if you don’t do the lavish gardens and butcher your own livestock, how about just seeing how to make your own bread?

When you have everything given to you, it can be really easy to forget the effort that was once put into these things. We can’t let the skills of our ancestors die people!! 


4. We live in an ever growing health conscious world

Organic food is expensive, and produce goes bad pretty fast! 


If you’re interested in keeping yourself healthy, or make your babies eat an all organic diet, then you need to be taking an interest in how your food is made. What better way to do that then trying to make it yourself? 

If you are worried about preservatives then don’t add them to your food when you make it with your own two hands. #BOOM Worried about that red whatever dye? Don’t add it! 

Don’t have time? Use a slow cooker! 

We appreciate things more when we have to do them ourselves! 

I’m not saying you can never go out to eat again. I love other people preparing my food! I’m just saying that if the zombies are staring at me from my fence and I can’t leave my house, then I wanna know how to make my own cookies. 

5. You don’t have to have land to Homestead, or skills!

Isn’t that the best news you have heard so far? There are plenty of people who do homesteading from their apartments, or do garden sharing! You don’t have to wear a bonnet, wear long dresses, or have overalls and some straw hanging out of your mouth in order for you to be a homesteader. 

You also have to LEARN these skills. That’s part of the beauty of homesteading. Also, if you have someone in your life that knows how to do these things, ask them to teach you! 

Pinterest has a ton of ideas on how city folk are homesteading! Get on the homesteading band wagon! 


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5 Things that Go Through Your Head Before Taking a Drug Test

Is it that time for you? Maybe you’re starting a new job and you have to go pee in a cup (aka take a drug test). Or maybe you’re like me, starting nursing school, and have to be cleared before you start. I’m going to make you feel like a completely normal human being and go through some things that I hope (for my own sake) have gone through your head before taking your piddle in a cup. 


Recently I had to take a drug test as a preliminary step to Nursing School. It was quite the experience and I wanted to share with you all the thoughts that went through my head. Mostly, I want to see if I’m normal.

1. First thought: Have I taken drugs?


I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t matter how drug free of a life I’ve lived, I start to question myself. “Have I been consuming drugs?” “What if someone slipped me something and I had no idea?” 

It’s honestly a little crazy at how I get nervous when I hear: “You’re gonna have to pee in a cup Hood…and you better come out clean.” I start questioning my entire life.

After my initial nerves have settled…

I decided to make my appointment. 12:30pm. Enough time to have my morning coffee and go to my morning body flow class. Not enough time to shower so maybe nobody will want to sit next to me in the waiting room. 

2. Second Thought: How much water should I drink?


There is probably nothing more irritating than going to pee in a cup only to realize you don’t have to pee at all.

Sidenote: This typically isn’t my issue- I have the smallest bladder in probably all of history. Peeing on command has always been on my list of skills that I add to my job applications. I feel like it makes me look like I have superb time management skills.

However, for whatever brain fart I may have had, I decided I didn’t want to chance it. My appointment was at 12:30pm. So, I chugged a cup of water as I arrived to my appointment at 12:26. I tried minimize my wait time… because I’m now regretting not having showered after sweating like a beast in my Body Flow class.

3. Third Thought: OH CRAP!!!

I walked into the waiting room and I swear it must have been everyone’s new hire date or probation reporting time because there was NOWHERE to sit. 


I was so thankful I had planned ahead… especially after chugging that cup of water as I walked in. I walked up, checked in AND the bubble that said “APPOINTMENT”. 

And then the wait began…

…..it’s now 1:00pm

Much to my disappointment, I realized after my 30 minute wait that they didn’t give a hoot whether or not I had made an appointment. They were going by arrival time.

My bladder began throwing a fit. SCREAMING. Which brings me to….

4. Thought Four: “I wonder if anyone has every actually peed their pants in the waiting room, or if I’m going to be the first.”


Now, I’m not one for confrontation and I try to avoid it at all costs but I was literally getting the chills from my body pleading with me, and it didn’t seem like my wait was going to be over any time soon….

At 1:05PM I decided to stand up for my bladder…and my pride. 

I waddled to the front desk and in my nicest voice I said “I’m so sorry, I know you’re busy but my appointment was at 12:30pm and I have to go to the bathroom incredibly bad. I can’t hold it any longer

Of which she responded: “Well you’re next in line, so why don’t you go ahead and show me your I.D. and I’m gonna need an account number”

I was past the point of rational thinking so I said: “This is my confirmation number! Here’s my e-mail!”  Throws phone scarily close to check-in lady’s face.

Of which she responded: “That’s not the right number, you need an account number.” It’s gonna start with a 2.

WHAT’S A 2?!?

I honestly had no idea what number she was talking about nor was I close to being on the same page at this point. My ONLY thought was wetting myself in front of that full capacity waiting room. 

I kid you not the guy next to me walked out and came back with a gallon size bag of skittles… he had the right idea clearly… he knew there would be time for a snack.

Instead, I hastily said: “I can’t hold it ANY LONGER!!!! Please let me go to the bathroom, I don’t even care about the wait anymore, I will wait till I have to go again but I can’t hold it!!! I’m so sorry! Here I am about to be completely embarrassed and I’m still apologizing for the inconvenience. Having to ride home would have been more inconvenient though had the “incident” occurred.


No compassion. No mercy. No bathroom break. 

“It’s not going to count….”

After many failed login attempts and tears in my eyes for what was about to happen…. 

Eventually, I found the stinking account number (sweat bead falls), I showed it to her and she said:“Yep that’s it!” 

Sweet Jesus thank you. Not you lady. Jesus. He is the only one that kept me from clocking you.

She finished my intake (in no rush at all) and I sprinted probably faster than I have at any point in my life to the bathroom. 

5. Fifth Thought: “Thank the Lord that is OVER”.


I think “the act” happened for a solid 2 minutes. And I’m positive I could have provided enough specimen for 10 drug tests. Anyone in need of clean urine? I got plenty to share!

I’m not sure if I have ever been so relieved…or my salvation ever been so tested.

Naturally… the fun didn’t stop there

As if my patience hadn’t gone through some major testing…I walked out to my car, and some very awesome person parked about 2 inches from my door. Am I ever going to get to leave this place?! WHERE’S THE MERCY?!

Essentially, I had to further embarrass myself by crawling in through the passenger side door. Thank God for Yoga or I would have had to show my face again in the place that shall not be named.


 I know that this post was different than my norm but what would you have done?!

6 Things You Should Be Doing to Keep Your Chickens Cool in the Heat

In the peak of summer, there are so many chicken owners trying to keep their feathered friends cool. It’s important to be able to recognize the signs that your chickens are being stressed by the heat.   I’m going to walk you through the signs your chicken is getting overheated and why you might be experiencing lower egg production. I’m also going to be telling you 6 things you should be doing to keep your chickens cool in the heat.


I’m so Hot….

If there is one thing I can tell you about Texas that you probably already knew: It’s cluckin’ hot. We haven’t experienced anything but triple digit heat for weeks. Except for yesterday… apparently it rained and didn’t get into the 90’s until lunch!

While most of us can escape the heat (except me), our chickens cannot.

I have seen many people pulling their chickens into their homes to keep them from becoming baked chicken in this heat.

I would maybe think about doing that if our house wasn’t worse than being outside.

It’s basically a sweatbox at all times.

You move, you sweat. At least there is a breeze outside.

You did what?!

Also, we did something…

Alex and I bought 9 more chicks. Our family thinks we need an intervention. I can’t say I don’t agree with them…

I recently had to cull some of our flock for meat and it was basically the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  I’m not going to lie, I cried a little.

We love our chickens so much, but chicken is expensive and at least I know that ours have had a wonderful life with lots of hugs and cuddle sessions. I’m truly grateful for how they have served us and brought such joy to us.

I actually learned that two of our girls that I did end up butchering were most likely in heart failure and were on their way out.  When I saw that, it just kind of confirmed that I made the right choice. Butchering chickens is a post is for another day though.


Signs your chicken is saying, “I’m overheated”!

If you’re thinking about getting chickens, look for breeds that do well in the climate you live in. If you decide you want a certain breed that doesn’t necessarily do well in the climate you live in, then make sure take extra precautions to keep them happy.

You know what’s awesome about chickens? They show you when they are becoming a rotisserie. There are several ways your chickens will let you know that they are overheating.

  • They are panting (yes, like a dog but minus the noise)

  • Their wings are away from their body (like they are airing out their armpits)

                                             Sorry this picture is a bit blurry but I had to zoom in. Airing out the pits!

  • They are lethargic (too busy digging their dirt holes to acknowledge you)

  • Diarrhea – (sorry gotta check their poop- I’m not going to post a picture of poop lol)
  • Pale combs/wattles (I haven’t had this symptom in our flock)
  • Seizures/ convulsions (I certainly haven’t had this symptom either-)

Before you freak, I want to reassure you of something. 

Obviously, living in Texas, our chickens are going to get hot. If I had to throw a chicken in the bath every time they started panting or had their wings lifted from their bodies, then I would never get to shower.

I have also witnessed them being lethargic (so am I when I feel like a busted can of biscuits in the summer) and having the occasional diarrhea. I have yet to lose a chicken die from the heat (knock on wood!).

The point I’m trying to make is that if you see your chicken panting and holding their wings out and not greeting you because they are laying in a dirt hole and don’t feel like moving in the heat, don’t think they are about to die and stress everyone out.

Should you check water and offer cooler options? SURE!

Don’t you like a cool glass of water after being in the heat?

So what should you/we do? 

We do the best we can to keep our chickens happy and hope our efforts are enough . I can’t turn off the sun… I would at least dim it if I could, believe me.

What should you EGGspect with hens’ egg production in the hotter months?

I bet you’ve noticed your egg production has probably gone down a bit. If you’re new to chickens, don’t fret! A couple of your girls may not be laying as frequently and that can be completely normal with extreme cold and heat.

During these hot summer months they’re probably a bit more dehydrated than they usually are and it takes a lot of water to make an egg apparently. I’m going to make sure you know what we do here in the Hood and how it has increased our egg production by double! Even in these hot summer months!


Things I can do to keep my chickens cool this summer!

1. Probiotics/ Electrolytes-

This is the one thing that increased our egg production and I would dare even say one of the most important things to be giving your chickens in the extreme heat besides cool, clean water.

We were getting about 5 eggs a day and now we are getting about 10-11 a day.

Who knew chickens needed gatorade? Make sure there are electrolytes in their water.

We had probiotics and I was reading on the back of our bottle and it said there were electrolytes added into the formula. This is what we use, and you can find some at your local feed store or on Amazon!

2. Make sure there is ventilation in their coop

Your chickens need space and air! Make sure they have room to have some space from all the body heat. I went to our big coop the other day and they were all at least wing distance apart.

I thought, “Wow, did we have a fight everyone”?

Afterwards, I thought more about it and considered that you couldn’t pay me to sleep that close to anyone in triple digit heat. I feel you feathered friends!

3Offer shade!

Can you imagine sitting out in triple digit weather with the sun on your face? NO! That’s why someone invented one of my favorite things, an air conditioner! Allow your chickens to have a refuge. Make sure they have a place to get away from the sun.

4. Frozen Treats

I actually surveyed a chicken group I’m in for this one so I could have plenty of ideas for all you chicken people. Here are some of the things we do and that I found other chicken owners suggested.

  • Big Bowl of water- add ice cubes and cut up fruit that floats
  • Hang up a cool cabbage for them to peck at- cabbage has a high water content
  • Use an ice cube tray to put berries in and freeze with a little water to give them a sweet cool treat to peck at.
  • Give them their food frozen
  • Freeze water bottles and put them in their waterers to keep the water cool

5. Allow them an area for fresh dirt to bathe in

Chickens take dust bathes, we know this right? Well, the further they dig, the cooler the dirt-duh!

Some ideas for this are getting old tires and filling them with dirt or filling the baby pools with dirt. They are selling really big baby pools at Academy for $15.00!

We have actually been watering down the dirt so that the water can cool off the dirt as well. 


6. Lots of access to fresh cool water!

Obviously one of the worst things you can do is not have clean fresh cool water available to them. HAVE WATER AVAILABLE!

  We have several waterers around the land (in the shade) so that the chickens have water available whenever they are walking around.  

Even Freckles tries to stay hydrated! 

I would love y’alls input on what you do to keep your chickens cool! Comment below with fun ways to keep your feathered butts from going turning into KFC!

I went ahead and linked some of the things we use around the Hood to keep the chickens happy. I didn’t find the exact probiotics but the link is still to the same company that we get our probiotics from.


If you need more Life in the Hood- find out how to introduce new birds into your flock,  or read about the 3 crop issues your flock could be facing.

You should definitely save this on your Pinterest Board for reference later on or if you are thinking about getting chickens!




1 Secret Ingredient to Never Leave out of your Banana Cake (cupcakes)

Do you have some old bananas that you need to get rid of? Here’s a secret, sometimes I purposely let my bananas get brown so that I’m forced to make some sort of banana bread! Oh Darn!

      Today I decided to step into the ole’ time machine and go back to my Great Grandmother’s recipe box.  I found a banana cake recipe that I had all the ingredients for on hand and decided to go for it.

       Not only was the final outcome moist and easy to make, it also had a secret ingredient! I’m not giving the secret away just yet, you’ll have to read more to find out how to spice up this moist banana cake (or cupcakes in my case) in just under 20 minutes! Get ready to CZECH Yourself!

First of all….

Let me just tell you all,  that today I fell into a Body Flow class for the first time. I’ve never taken a Body Flow class before and was the only one that raised her hand when the instructor asked about first timers.

I love being the rookie. However, I’m renaming this class “Sweat Flow” because I kid you not, I was the Mississippi River in the flesh…if that’s even possible.

Naturally, I thought I deserved a treat after such torture (just kidding, I’m gonna start going). I decided to come home and pick through the beloved recipe box. I could probably pick anything out of that blasted box of goodness because I’ve never met a carb I didn’t like. Also, can my Mimi Taylor have a gross recipe in her box. NO.

Is this banana cake an authentic CZECH recipe?

No, but I don’t know… and honestly, who cares? It’s delicious! However, in case you missed my Peanut Butteroons Recipe, I go into why this category is called “CZECH Yourself”.

In short, all of these recipes are from my Great grandmother’s recipe box and she was Czech.

You know what I love about these old recipes? My Mimi Taylor would write suggestions or comments sometimes.

In this recipe she did just that. I’m going to write the notes because I actually took one of her suggestions.

Also, the first time through these recipes, I stay true to the recipe as best I can. I’m always looking for a “healthier” solution, so please comment on what we could do to make this healthier.


  • 2 cups of flour (I used All Purpose- could maybe try oat flour)
  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 1-1/2 cups sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt, and nutmeg
  • 1/2 cup butter (I used my easy homemade butter- don’t miss this recipe!)
  • 1-1/2 cups
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 cup of mashed bananas (I used 4 small over ripe bananas)
  • 1/3 cup buttermilk (which I had leftover from my homemade butter)
  • 1 cup chopped pecans (optional- I didn’t have these on hand)

Did you see the secret ingredient? NUTMEG! Why don’t we see this more? It adds a nice unique flavor! It was such a nice change up! I would totally throw chocolate chips in there too. NOM, NOM, NOM!

Notes from Mimi Taylor herself:

  • 1 cup of chopped dates or drained crushed pineapple could be added (or both).  I personally am not sure about pineapple with nutmeg… Mimi Taylor had you been drinking when you wrote this?
  • A little more milk may be needed
  • You can use 1 teaspoon baking powder and only 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda
  • Also, try 1/2 brown sugar and 1/2 regular sugar (3/4 cup of each- this is the suggestion I used)


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

2. Cream together butter, and sugar. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well.

3. Sift together dry ingredients.

4. Combine bananas, milk, and vanilla

5. Combine all into the butter mixture (slowly until well incorporated).

6. Pour into an 11X7 greased and floured pan. (I felt like doing the muffin tin to cut down my time spent in the ring of fire we know as our kitchen) Also, when you do muffins, you cut down on bake time- which means I have my banana cake in my mouth quicker.

7. If you are using the cake pan. Bake for 45 minutes. I did mine in the muffin tin and it took about 16-18 mins.

Note: Remember that every oven is different and ours runs hot like the ring of fire it sits in (aka kitchen- keep up!) so I set the timer for 15 minutes and then went from there.

Yields: This recipe made a dozen and a half muffins or cupcakes.

OH and I added shaved almonds for aesthetics…but they added a nice crunch! 

Overall thoughts on this moist banana cake-y goodness: 


Not only is this recipe super easy to whip up, it’s absolutely delicious. I was more than excited that I got to use my homemade butter, buttermilk, and eggs from my chicken’s butt. There is something so therapeutic about baking from scratch for me. Love is homemade!

Sidenote: I think I heard my chicken poop out an egg today and it got really awkward between us.


I’m somewhat new this category, so I only have one other recipe from the box of recipes from my great grandmother. It’s super easy, and only 3 ingredients! Try this Peanut Butteroons Recipe, or if you hate bananas but love bluberries, try this blueberry oatmeal loaf.

My Bakeware: 

Some of you have been asking about the bakeware I have been using. You can thank Pioneer Woman for her genius florals and super cute style! I linked some of the things I used today!!


If you’re just slacking at work and hungry cause you’re waiting for you lunch break, I get it! Save this to your Pinterest to make later when the boss isn’t watching!


5 Reasons You Should Start Making Your Own Butter

Have you ever wanted to tap into the old fashioned roots of our ancestors and churn your own butter? Me neither. Churn? Sounds too hard! I have wanted to make my own butter…but leave out the churning. Turns out electricity has really made butter making super simple. Thank you Benjamin Franklin for that minor discovery. I’m going to show how easy it is to make your own butter with just a mixer! Not only is it super simple, but it can also be cheaper than buying butter! 

Hood what in tarnation are you doing making your own butter?

This summer I have been honing in on my homesteading skills. I’m perfectly capable of making my own bread (I guess), and I like my bread to have butter on it so why not make that too? I think part of living a healthy healthy-ish lifestyle is knowing what the heck goes into your food.

Honestly, I also really enjoy doing cool things like buttah making too. Upon my search for buttery goodness, I came across this really awesome blogger who teaches you to make your own butter. I compared her recipe with the one I got in my Butter starter kit and they were similar.

But there is one other thing that got me hooked…

2 words:1 amazing feeling 


I’m going to try really hard to “butter you up” and if you aren’t convinced that making your own butter is the best idea EVER after this post then you are way lazier than I am…which is actually quite impressive.

5 reasons you should have started making your own butter like yesterday:

Reason 1: It’s basically the easiest thing ever. 

Supplies needed: (If you don’t have a standing mixer, you can actually use a water bottle and shake it but I’m too lazy for that- you can throw that in the same category as “churning” as far as I’m concerned) 

  • Mixer
  • Splash guard attachment- You will need this or you’re gonna feel like you went to Sea World and sat in the Splash zone at the Shamu show.

Optional supplies:

  • Cheese cloth- I used this to help drain my buttermilk and keeps chunks out of it. No milk is supposed to be chunky.


  • Heavy Cream of choice (also the same as Heavy Whipping Cream)
  • Optional: salt, other ingredients (honey, cinnamon, garlic, olive oil, rosemary- whatever kind of butter you want to make)


Step 1: Buy Heavy Whipping Cream. This is where you decide whether you want organic or not.

Step 2: Let it get to room temperature. This took about half a second in this sauna of a house I’m in.

Step 3: Pour Whipping Cream into Mixture

Step 4: Turn on mixer to somewhat high speed (Splash guard up!). If you aren’t sure what a splash guard looks like you can scroll down and I have it listed under my butter starter recommendations.

Step 5: Drain buttermilk (I explain more below) and rinse butter with cold water until there is no milk on it and the water runs clean.

You will start noticing after the “Whipped cream” phase of your butter making, that there is a liquid that begins to separate from the butter. THAT is buttermilk. I got about 1/2 cup of buttermilk from my batch of butter. You can use it for wherever you use buttermilk in your recipes.

Sidenote: Butter is like the softest/ silkiest thing I have ever felt. I kind of wanted to just play in it but got control and rinsed like a big girl.

Step 6: (Optional)– add 1/4 tsp per pound of butter. Fold in whatever ingredients you need to make the butter of your dreams

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I don’t have a specific yield amount yet… but it made a lot of butter. There are butter silicon dishes that you can use to freeze butter and they are equivalent to a 1/2 cup of butter.  I will be buying one of those. Scroll down to the bottom to see what it looks like.

Reason 2: Did I mention it’s Budget Friendly?

The type of Whipping Cream is where cost is going to vary. If you want just normal (non-organic) butter- then get the regular heavy cream.

Break it down now Hood (sung)

I paid $3.38 for 32oz of regular heavy whipping cream. We prefer Land O’ Lakes butter in our household and it costs about $4.00 per pound. Not anymore! Alex better like this homemade buttah from now on!

1 lb is 16 oz

I paid $3.38 for 2 pounds of butter (or a little under- since I have buttermilk as a side product

If you wanna go organic: 

Organic whipping cream costs about $3.18 for 16 oz at our local grocery store. Organic butter costs almost $4.50 per pound at the grocery store.

Remember 1lb = 16 oz?

You’re still paying less for homemade butter even organic grass fed.

The only difference is you have to work a little harder for it….yes flipping a switch on a mixer is hard work for me. (flips hair)

Reason 3: Sometimes you need salted and unsalted? WHAT?! 

How annoying is it when you need salted AND unsalted butter for a recipe? You end up buying two different types of butter for one stinking recipe and nobody eats unsalted butter on their bread right? (umm eww if that’s you. You can’t sit with us!)

Who wants to go spend 5 million dollars (ok that’s a bit dramatic) on butter?

Not this Hood chick. I’m on a budget homie. I. AIN’T. DOIN. IT.

Well guess what folks? When you make your own butter, you can have both within 15 minutes for a cheaper price. #BOOM

Reason 4: Your friends are gonna be so impressed with you and all your flavors

Nothing like making your own butter to make you the most impressive hostess at Christmas. You can literally fool your guests at holiday parties with “Fancy Rosemary Garlic Butter” and they will swoon over you.

Also, you could serve some yummy cinnamon honey butter, at a girls day brunch you so graciously offered to host, and it will be so perfect to pair with that fabulous low cal toast (HA!).

Reason 5: Finally, you need to know where things come from and how they are made 

I’m sure you have noticed, our world is becoming more and more health conscious. It’s a thing now apparently. As it should be. So, I personally believe it’s good to know what is going into your food and ultimately, what you put into your body. Whoa, that was the healthy version of myself poking her head out.

More importantly, it’s about time we educate ourselves on our food choices! They also say the simpler the ingredients, the better things are for you right?

I know butter isn’t like a superfood (in most people’s books except my own), but it is homemade. It’s not packed full of preservatives or anything. Look, I’m not super fit, I like my fries with lots of salt, and you can’t keep my hands out of the chips and queso, even if you held me at gunpoint. But it is important to live a lifestyle where you know what you are deciding to put into the one thing that you need to have a good quality of life.

Did you know?

Remember that 5 million dollar Ghee you buy? It can also be made from butter. Which is supposed to be safe for people that have a lactose intolerance. I find it odd that I didn’t know that. There is a recipe for ghee in my butter making kit though.

Now that you’re completely convinced on making your own butter….


How do I get started?

From one rookie to another, these are the items I found most useful.  I got the Butter Bell and the Butter Starter kit from Amazon and found them super helpful. I already had the Mixer and Splash Guard…which ended up being more like a splash resistant guard.I will be buying the silicon mat so I can make my buttah look a little more buttah-ish

The Butter Bell helps to keep your butter softer in the fridge since it does tend to get rock like in the fridge.

This Butter starter kit also doubles as a beginning Cheese making kit and comes with:

  • a butter recipe book (includes cultured butter and ghee recipes)- and lots of information- I’ll be keeping it handy.
  • some different samples for flavoring: siracha, honey, olive oil, salt
  • cheesecloth
  • cultures
  • gloves
  • wrappers for butter- if you are going to be freezing it- the recipe book gives you timelines on the freezer life. 2-3 months I think. However, they (butter gurus) don’t suggest using any fresh herbs for freezing because the herbs will look unappealing after you defrost it.

Why isn’t this butter yellow?

I asked myself this after I was done, then forgot I asked myself that, and  then asked myself this AGAIN while writing this blog post. Lucky for you, I googled it. Apparently grass fed heavy cream will make butter that is more yellow because of the cow’s diet. If cow’s are fed mostly corn, then the butter will turn out more white. If they are fed more grass, then you will see more of a yellow coloring.

Interested in making your own butter but you’re on your lunch break at work? That’s totally fine! Save this for later on Pinterest! If you liked this tutorial and also like keeping things simple, try my 3 ingredient peanut butteroon recipe, or my Oatmeal Blueberry Loaf recipe where I make my own oat flour!